Johny T. Garner

Associate Professor, Organizational Communication

Texas Christian University

Exploring Organizational Communication...

My research examines how people communicate in organizations. In many cases, this means examining how supervisors and employees communicate with each other. In other cases, it might mean understanding how volunteers relate to paid staff or how church members communicate with church leaders.

One aspect of communication that particularly interests me is how people express dissent (i.e., disagreement with policies or the way things are done). Complaints are often the first form of dissent to come to mind, but dissenters also share solutions to problems and creative ideas to help the organization. Most research has found that dissent is highly beneficial in organizations. I am interested in how supervisors can better listen to dissent and how employees can better share it.

Click here to see a white paper with practical applications of this research, including the ways in which employees can better share their ideas with a boss.